Wood Shutters and Faux Beams Crested Butte creates the perfect match for your home using old world style techniques. Our features come complete with customization to your requirements to include wood species, finishes, details, carvings, inlays and dimensions.

In the past homes were inviting, solid and offered shelter and protection from the outside world. They were of warm, earthy colors such as dull grey, burnt orange, soft gold, deep browns and fiery reds are blended with differing textures of stone and wood type. Our shutters and beams reflect this old world style.


Crested Butte Shutters and Beams unique and customized style adds that special touch that makes a perfect home. Whether you want to achieve the appearance of a grand mansion or a cozy country cottage, the important factor will be a natural looking appearance that fits your way of living. Getting this mix right in your own home requires a careful blend of ingredients.




Crested Butte Wood Shutters and Beams
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